Remember Happiness Is Always Near

Sometimes, pressure and uncertainty suffocate me and make me feel unfortunate. After struggling with life, I once more think having my own place to hide from all the difficulties is a blessing. While taking a shower, warm water relaxes all the muscles. I feel blessed that I can feel warm water thoroughly no matter how cold weather is. As I sneaking into the bed, my lovely two cats follow me and snuggle up to me. Their warm and soft fur let me feel loved. I am so grateful that my lovely cats love me with thier innocent hearts.

In the battle field, it is easy to forget what made me lively because I fully concentrate on survival. However, hiding in my own place, I can take a breath and think about the past, present, and future.

Even though it seems so difficult, with all the elements making me happy and my life valuable, I can go through all situations with hope. Therefore, remembering the elements of happiness and trying to feel them every day and night to recharge energy for tomorrow is the key for endurance.

Life is all about endurance. Those who endure to the end will win at the end.

Time to Say Good-Bye to My O.C.D.

blonde hair blur daylight environment


I am not a person who likes cleaning and makes all things straight. I am more like a person who likes to stay in a mess and believes artists should be able to stand in a mess for stronger creativity. However, when I make a determination on any problems, I feel like I must start all over again after deleting all the past events. It is the most difficult problem I struggle with. In my thirties, I want to get rid of O.C.D. for further steps in my life because I read the same pages over and over without making any process, being trapped in O.C.D.

In fact, I hid all my past posts on my Instagram so that I could feel like I start everything new on the clean, blank white paper. Deleting all the memories and creating brand new myself were the most difficult and impossible task I recently confront.

While watching a Book-Review video about becoming influencers on YouTube, I changed my mind and showed all the past posts on Instagram and decided not to get trapped in my O.C.D. Here I am, and I am ready to say good-bye to my O.C.D. which stopped me heading forward and forced me to be obsessed with the ridiculous idea of perfection. I never got perfect, and I will never ever get perfect. I am full of possibility as the way I am imperfect. I will dedicate my 2020 to challenges for the next stage of my life. Awesome!

Balance between Work and Rest

I took a rest for a whole day and I didn’t even read a book. I was lazy because I felt sick last night and took pills for headache, stomachache, and cold. In the morning, though I felt much better, I didn’t want to act lively. Therefore, I decide to take a rest for a day.

In fact, while laying on the sofa, not thinking gave me headache. I started working to get rid of headache.

Sometimes, I thought taking a rest was all I need; however, taking too much rest without any thoughts, running the movie marathon made me sick. No matter how tired I am, I should never lose the routine.

I shouod wake up in time, drink a cup of water as usual, read 10 pages, and write my thoughts on twitter, exercise to keep the shape, and so on. Also, I must not stay up too late watching unnecessary movies.

Okie, dokie!

Keep the routine no matter what!

Hooray 😀

Three Factors Stop Becoming Rich

person counting money with smartphones in front on desk


In the morning reading, I read about the part explaining three factors which prevent from becoming rich. While reading the book, I actually installed the application about stock investment and opened the account for the stock investing. I always believe that reading and taking action will totally change the result.

According to the book, it insisted that 1) spending money on private education, 2) buying an expensive car, and 3) desiring to be seen as the rich.

In twenties, and while working, I spent money depending on how I feel. Though I had a strong desire to be super rich, it wasn’t easy to think and act like the one. In the book, the author brought the story of Warren Buffet who didn’t spend much money on his car as an example, and he critically said, the difference between Warren Buffet and me is where to spend money on.

Now, it is time for me to study finance and economy. I don’t want to be poor when I get old. When I was in twenties, I shout out for Y.O.L.O., but in my thirties, I will shout out for F.I.R.E.

The last day of February

It is the last day of February and it’s 29th, which comes in 4 years. I’ve been super busy working last two months, and since I couldn’t follow my daily routine, all became difficult and turned to a mess. Even my breath went irregular.

As Spring comes, I decide to put every element of life in right order. I need a space to cleat all up.

Daily Morning Routine

  1. Drinking a Cup of Water
  2. Quiet Time
  3. Writing a Morning Journal on WordPress
  4. Reading 10 Pages
  5. Kumon Chinese & Japanese
  6. Writing a Page
  7. Cleaning
  8. Exercising
  9. Watching MKYU and Taking Notes
  10. Jotting Down Thoughts on Twitter

Daily Evening Routine

  1. Check Cat’s Food and Water
  2. Clean Cat’s Litter Box
  3. Brushing My Lovely Cats
  4. Cleaning
  5. Taking a Shower
  6. Taking Multi-Vitamin, Omega-3, etc.
  7. Reading 10 Pages
  8. Reading the Bible
  9. Writing a Journal on Instagram


  • Reading 100 Books in 2020
  • Publishing 3 Books in 2020
  • Running 3 Institutes in 2020
  • Reading the Whole Bible in 2020
  • Practicing Pilates and Yoga
  • Running My Own Korean & English Blogs
  • Having Dinner with My Parents (once a month)


  • To Buy a Car for My Parents
  • To Buy My Own Place
  • To Buy a House for My Parents
  • To Donate $ 3 millions

I’d also like to run my own coaching business, but I totally feel that I must clear up the mess first. I believe putting all in order helps keep the motivation and high energy level.