Always Cleaning Is the First Act to Pursue My Dream

Last night, I barely slept because of the butterflies in my stoache flying uncontrollably that I woke up late compared to previous Saturday. I fell asleep after 4 in the morning that I didn’t want to get out of my bed. However, watching the YouTube about Urus let me start working and the first thing I did Today was cleaning my place.

As soon as I got busy and depressed by losing hope, I actually stopped taking care of my place. Trash was all over the place and dirty dishes became a tower. Starting and ending days in the deserted place made me more depressed and took the left hope away. Therefore, I turned on the YouTube to watch more about Urus and started doing the dishes, wiping the floor and taking all the trash away. I felt much more organized and my thought became clear.

Sometimes, it was difficult for me to trash things away, but after reading several self-help books, I tried to make some empty spaces for the other blessings in my life. After I completed the cleaning, I read a book and suddenly my dreams came into my heart to be real soon. I wrote the daily habit list and the dreams on my diary. All becomes clear and provides the new power and energy.

If you want to take action for a life-changing moment, I suggest cleaning your place first and setting up the habit list after writing your dream with an exact date that dreams come true. Never imagine your dreams without taking any action because it would put you in despair. However, dreaming with any small act would lead you to the next action that you could finally achieve all.