Responsibility Is Living until All Gets Cleared Up

On my way to work, I’ve been thinking about my current statue, and I am one hundred percent sure that it is not good at all. I have debts to clear up, family and cats to take care of and so on. Last year, I made a huge mistake which gave me uncontrollable debts with useless land. Spending the painful time struggling with money, I’ve learned a lesson related not only to money, but also to how to live.

Because of the pressure of the debts, it wasn’t easy to stay sane. Sometimes, I thought about what would happen if I made a bad decision on my life and whether it would end just ending the life. However, living under the pressure of debts is much easier than making any other wrong choices because I had a strong dream that I would be much happier if I went over all the difficulty, and responsibility is not just avoiding the situations, but going over the situations. No matter what, I should believe that there must be a bigger world and much more amazing place existed if I clear up all my messes.

Taking responsibility is not avoiding the problems and situations, but clearing up all the messes we’ve made throughout the life, and I believe while doing my job under the pressure, having a painful time, I would become mature and stronger to face the reality and accept the bigger blessings.

Which problem do you have to solve? Trust Yourself. All must pass and it will bring the blessing for you.

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