Exercise Every Morning to Change My Life

It’s been a week since I started to practice Tabata following YouTube Video in the morning. I haven’t worked out for over a year that it was really challenging for me to complete. After finishing it, my whole body soared and I barely moved my arms and legs. However, after a few days, I can totally feel that my condition went better and healthier. Plus, I practiced Tabata right after waking up and took a shower so that I could feel more fresh and freedom. All the activities let me stay away from laziness and led me to the motivation.

I always made an excuse that I am too tired to work out and busy to take a walk, but once I saw my belly get controllably fat and prevent me bending over, I realized that there’s no time to postpone. I must start right away. Also, my friend noticed that I got fatter and fatter and gave me advice how to lose weight. I started from 55.7 kg and currently it is 54.3 kg after a week. My plan was to lose 8 kg for 5 weeks by practicing Tabata daily.

If you want to change your life-style, I would strongly suggest practicing Tabata following YouTube. It is free and easy to keep on track with because it is really easy to reach, just turning on YouTube Channel. It doesn’ ask me any further payment or any other equipments, just my body and time. As my body gets energy from exercise, all becomes clear and it is much easier to get motivated. While practicing Tabata, I couldn’t give up because I feel as if I complete the whole routine and finally reach my goal, losing 8 kg for 5 weeks, I would challenge much bigger dream in my life.

Active Body Allows Me to Have a Motivated Day and Power to Move Forward to the Dream.

Recommended Tabata Video below! Let’s Do This!

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