Maximize Your Dream No Matter What Others Say

Last week, I went to the coffee shop in Garosu-Gil, one of the popular place in South Korea. While having a coffee time with my friend, I had a chance to see so many Ferrari pass by, and therefore I could not stop talking about it because one of my dream car is belonging to Ferrari, Portofino. However, those who heard about my dream, they always treated me as a naive person who didn’t know anything about cars and reality. At first, their reactions and thoughts upset me that I promise myself that I must buy one to show them how arrogant they are, but now I feel sorry that they only ignore others’ dreams and think small.

Whenever I think about my wish and prayer, I always pick the best thing I can earn because if I aim the greatest thing, I would make my best efforts and even if I couldn’t reach the final goal, I might still earn the better thing than the mediocre, normal, or just good one.

Sharing dreams always requires others’ jeers and jeolusy, which I should get used to, so that I can keep dreaming, trying my best, and achieving goals. Also, we sholud always keep in mind that people’s job is to make dreamers quit dreaming and working hard.

When I was in fifth grade, my class made a time-capsule at school and promised to meet after ten years. At that moment, I always believed that I would go to college in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, five hours by the train from my town, Busan where I was born and grown up. I asked my teacher about what if we go to college in Seoul, and then a boy who heard my question jeered at me and said that I should not worry about it because I would not go to college there. I pretended I didn’t care, but made a determination that I must go to show him who I am. The funny fact is that I really didn’t go to college in Seoul, but I went to college in the states, where had a much better education system than I thought of in my fifth grade.

No one knows what would happen in our lives and how our dreams come true. Therefore, we must practice ignoring others’ jeers and jeolusy and maximizing our dreams, no matter what others do because they are just doing their stupid job.

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