Always Save Time for Your Family

My mother worked as a public servant for last thirty years, and finally retired. Even though she waited for the moment she took a rest from the work, which was not her actual dream, she seemed a little empty that her part of life was gone.

Today, I am with my parents, drinking a cup of coffee together and eating some bread while talking, and think about the moment of being together with my family. When I was in the states for school, I had to get seperated and didn’t think of how precious it is spending time with a loving family.

I sometimes misunderstood that I grew myself, not getting much help from my parents. How arrogant it is. It is really easy to forget the imfortance of family that I only thought about myself, not my family. However, as I grew older and older and my parents grew weaker and weaker, I realize life is not a party, but a struggle, and my parents had been struggling to survive in the reality like a jungle and to take responsibility on their child, me.

Without family, who showed me how to treat the life, I could not come this far with the dream that everyone ignores and jeers at. I really appreciate my parents, letting me think about my future and keep dreaming for my ideal world.

Recently, my priority became spending time with my family and having a converstation with them. If I miss all, I must regret after they are gone.

Never Let the Regret Take Place in Your Life.

The most important task that you always remember is to take care of those who love you and you love.

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