Emotion Is What We Choose

Yesterday, I talked with my best friend, who felt depressed after the break-up. While having a conversation with her, I felt a little frustrated because she gave me a thought that she enjoys the feeling of being depressed and chose the negative emotion. Even though sometimes we instinctly choose negative emotions at the moment to think about our lives and how to live, we should be aware of our emotion so that we would not waste our times thinking too much about unnecessary elements.

In my previous year, I believed that emotion is not a thing that I can control over. It always overwhelmed me and my days. With great depression, massive, negative thoughts actually ate my precious youth. After several years of emotional practices with a psychiatrist and so many self-help books, I’ve learned that emotion is what I choose and how I think, not a thing coming uncontrollably.

Getting used to choose positive emotion and thought over negative ones, I regretted having meaningless moment because of various reasons, though during the depressing period, I could think profoundly about my life and how to survive in this world. If I have a chance to go back to my twenties, I must practice not being overwhelmed with negative thought and emotion, since life is too short to enjoy only positive thought and emotion.

Trust me. You can pick how to feel. The world is much bigger than what you see and always there to give amazing moment and chance that you always wait for. But before all, we should practice filling our brain and heart with positive images of life.

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