Life-Changinng Moment Always Comes in the Morning

As soon as the busiest moment of the year was gone, I slept early last night, which allowed me to wake up actually in the morning. Last month, I had to go to bed late because of a huge amount of work, waiting to be completed, that I woke up late morning, like 10 to 11 a.m. Waking up late actually made me feel more tired and lazy. Even though I didn’t mean to sleep early last night, I fell asleep as soon as I went into bed. In the morning, I felt lazy and was overwhelmed with the strong desire of staying in the bed, but my thought was crystal clear that I had to get out of the bed.

After waking up in the morning, I read the Bible and the book, written by Tim Ferriss. I wrote a morning journal so that I could write down all my thoughts and worries. It was a great moment of my day.

Totally Amazing!

Nothing happens in my life though I woke up early and completed several tasks to start a day, but I knew my life has been changed with the amazing morning routine. If I continue the morning activities, something miraculous happens as I experienced two years ago. (Two years ago, I always woke up at 4 in the morning, read the Bible and wrote the journal with my determination and prayers, and exercised with a cup of tea, and I could catch an opportunity to change my life, getting out of the small studio, working as a director, not an instructor, and buying a car.)

I’ve decided to keep the routine for another miraculous moment of life. Whenever I read the self-help books, all says the same fact, they wake up before 6 in the morning, have a quiet time, read a book, write a journal, and exercise. All difference comes from an atomic habit, and my smallest change should be started from starting an atomic habit.

2 thoughts on “Life-Changinng Moment Always Comes in the Morning

  1. So true! The power of the first hours of the day is something I wish everyone knew about, it’s really where everything happens. I love your inspiring journal entries Pearl Ellen! They either put a smile on my face or keep me motivated, thank you :))


    1. I really appreciate your comment. I am really grateful that my journal made you smile or motivated. I am sure that your comment made my day and keep writing journal 🙂 Thank you!

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