After a Half of Year, I Reset All

It has been four months since COVID-19 outbreak. Lifestyle of the world has been changed and people in Korea get used to wear masks wherever they go. Sometimes, all happening seems like a nightmare or a curse which stops our lives until we wake up after endless night. My resolutions for 2020 have also been stopped and this horrible contagious disease stricking all over the world haunts my daily routine and goals.

Today is my fifth anniversary of baptism. I can still remember the day I was baptized, sunk under the water and reborn under the Bible. Because of COVID-19, I’ve stopped participating in the service and started taking part in On-line service. Unfortunately, it made me lazy and stopped me join the service, even though it didn’t take much time to connect the channel.

After a long time, I joined the service on-line at the coffee shop in the morning, and I saw my assigned seat through the camera, which was unoccupied. I felt something going on inside of my heart. I shouldn’t stop anything though the world forced me to stop. I should work hard myself to reach my goal no matter what happens in the world. I’ve been depressed and lethargic afte losing my days.

I read the notes I took on New Year’s Day. After picking the motivated and blessed verse, I wrote the dreams and plans on my planner. However, after the lethargic moments came, I stopped reminding myself of what I have to do. Here are five things I promised myself to achieve:

  1. To Publish Three More Books
  2. To Post Journals on “”
  3. To Read 100 Books and Write Book Revies on Naver Blog in Korean
  4. To Read the Whole Bible Once
  5. To Spend Time with My Parents (at least once a month)

As soon as I read the list, I realized that all action is not related to COVID-19. The disease was just my excuse for the laziness. I took some time to accept my mistakes and failure, and decided to reset all.

Rearranging my time and setting the daily routine to keep writing and working harder is the first action I should take right now, and then I should set the plan and start working.

No more excuses, Just start working

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