Balance between Work and Rest

I took a rest for a whole day and I didn’t even read a book. I was lazy because I felt sick last night and took pills for headache, stomachache, and cold. In the morning, though I felt much better, I didn’t want to act lively. Therefore, I decide to take a rest for a day.

In fact, while laying on the sofa, not thinking gave me headache. I started working to get rid of headache.

Sometimes, I thought taking a rest was all I need; however, taking too much rest without any thoughts, running the movie marathon made me sick. No matter how tired I am, I should never lose the routine.

I shouod wake up in time, drink a cup of water as usual, read 10 pages, and write my thoughts on twitter, exercise to keep the shape, and so on. Also, I must not stay up too late watching unnecessary movies.

Okie, dokie!

Keep the routine no matter what!

Hooray 😀

Three Factors Stop Becoming Rich

person counting money with smartphones in front on desk


In the morning reading, I read about the part explaining three factors which prevent from becoming rich. While reading the book, I actually installed the application about stock investment and opened the account for the stock investing. I always believe that reading and taking action will totally change the result.

According to the book, it insisted that 1) spending money on private education, 2) buying an expensive car, and 3) desiring to be seen as the rich.

In twenties, and while working, I spent money depending on how I feel. Though I had a strong desire to be super rich, it wasn’t easy to think and act like the one. In the book, the author brought the story of Warren Buffet who didn’t spend much money on his car as an example, and he critically said, the difference between Warren Buffet and me is where to spend money on.

Now, it is time for me to study finance and economy. I don’t want to be poor when I get old. When I was in twenties, I shout out for Y.O.L.O., but in my thirties, I will shout out for F.I.R.E.