Always Difficult to Concentrate on My Dreams

I always wanted to be a writer. I dreamed to be a writer and win the Nobel Prize with my fabulous works. I wanted to fulfill all through my writing tasks. But as time goes by and I had to work and earn money for living, my focus keeps moving toward money rather than my true North.

In Korea, several stock soars due to COVID-19 kits. Before its severe outbreak, I wanted to cheer the company by buying the stocks because the company put all their efforts to invent the kits for Korea. However, I haven’t invested in stock market for long and current financial state made me hesitated. At last, I gave up. After a few days, literally a few days, it doubled, tripled, and now quadrupled. I felt weird. Though I didn’t buy stocks, I felt like I lost my money, which lasted longer than I expected.

This morning, all of sudden, I remembered my dream, the writer who changes the world with words and faith. I haven’t written any words while focusing on my career as a director of English Institute in Korea.

My dream is not just about earning money quickly. It is about giving hope to all with my warm words and philosophy. I must not forget it anymore.

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