No Ifs Are Considered in Life

I heard about one actress who had a disabled child and ended her life with misery and regret. The narrator kept using a word “what if” which made me frustrated. As the narrator was saying, “what if she didn’t meet her at the conference, her life would be different,” one frustration bothered me. While watching her story, it seemed like she blamed on others and didn’t even take responsibility. Even though her child was disabled, she should love her and took care of her with love and hope because we never know what each child would become when they grow up. It was not the woman who she gave a kiss to, but herself who made her life unfortunate and miserable.

Through the life, we face so many difficulties and troubles drowning us to the bottom of the darkness. However, I realize if I start asking myself and other ‘what if’ questions, nothing would happen and no hope and chances would come to life. My favorite author, Hal Elrod, who wrote ‘The Miracle Morning,’ left my favorite quote saying

“It begins with accepting total responsibility for every aspect of your life and refusing to blame anyone else. The degree to which you accept responsibility for everything in your life is precisely the degree of personal power you have to change or create anything in your life (XXXIII, The Miracle Morning).” and

“It really doesn’t matter who is at fault – all that matters is that you and I are committed to leaving the past in the past and making our lives exactly the way we want them to be, starting today (XXXIII, The Miracle Morning).”

When we start using the word “if” we can avoid responsibility, but we never experience our personal power and catch upcoming life-changing chances.

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