Reading a Book Before Work Is the Happiness

Today I went to work earlier than my working hour and read a book as meditation. It was true spring with soft breeze and as it came into my workplace and touched my face and hair, I could totally feel what the happiness is in my life.

I always tried to seek for the true happiness in my life by changing my life style and meeting new people; however, while reading a book before work in total silence, I felt calm and reaching who truely I am.

We sometimes misunderstand happiness as something big and surprising, therefore we believe if we become rich like Bill Gates or other billionaires, we can be happy. In fact, those who believe the happiness comes from the outer factors of life never actually be happy.

I listed up my happiness so that I can appreciate every little moment of life. Full of appreciation and happiness will turn my life to the true North.

Read a book with a cup of coffee before work 😚

2 thoughts on “Reading a Book Before Work Is the Happiness

    1. Awesome! I do love it as well. Sometimes I woke up late and missed the reading time, though. Haha πŸ˜‰


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