Sleep from 10 to 5 for My Immune System

Recently, my sleeping pattern has been messed up. I had trouble falling asleep in time amd waking up in time. I can feel all my muscles loosened up and my heart beat fast. If not working, I lost all my intension and control. Honstely speaking, I actually watched YouTube videos until 3 in the morning. Because I didn’t have to wake up and work, I forgot managing my minutes and day.

In the morning, I learned about immune system through YouTube video, which made me think I should stop this irregular sleeping pattern since it messes with my time and motivation.

Here are three promises to my immune system:

One, trying to sleep at 10 and wake up at 5.

Two, drawing all the curtains to make my room dark.

Three, meditating before bed.

I am still young, but I won’t stay young forever. I have duties to take care of my both body and mind. As I believe all starts from a little action, I never stop making efforts to take a small step forward.

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