Cleaning Is the First Action If You Have No Idea Where to Start

I went back to work after two-week vacation. Because of coronavirus spreading over the world, a few students came to the institute and I felt a little lost. Even though I was expected how it would be like, it still made me embarrassed.

After wandering around all day, I actually clean my desk and surroundings. As I started the day, actually I listed up all the tasks I should comeplete in this week. However, with comparatively slow pace, I was confused to find out where to start my tasks. I couldn’t even finish one.

After cleaning my desk and surroundings, all my wandering thoughts cleared up and felt like getting ready to work. I should clean my place as soon as I arrived at work today, but I started with othet tasks which I didn’t even plan and think about.

I always start my day with plan and list, but like today, I just started my work as just it began without a few minutes to clear my thoughts up. In a long time, my day went without plan and list. I once again learn cleaning is really important to manage my time and schedule. Here are two lessons:

One, keep your surroundings clean and neat

Two, take a breath and think before actually work starts.

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