Having Dinner with My Bestie Is the Best

I took the unexpected, long vacation because of Coronavirus. It was the last day and my bestie came over to my town having dinner together.

I once again realized that eating is one of my greatest pleasure and spending time with my bestie is another one.

When I was alone, I never thought of spending time with others. I felt so comfortable doing all by myself, but once starting dating, spending time by myself for a long time made me feel awkward. I am so grateful for all and him as well.

Camping in the City, @ Mandonmanri(만돈만리) in Hanam(ν•˜λ‚¨)
Camping in the City, @ Mandonmanri(만돈만리) in Hanam (ν•˜λ‚¨)
Meal prepared 🀩
Barbecue Time 🀩
The roasted sweet potato 🀩

Good night. Have a sweet dream. God allows us to love, so we should love ourself first, then the given one. Let’s love 😍

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