Staying Together, Especially Going Through Difficulty

Last night, watching the movie titled “The Pursuit of Happyness” I was determined not to say good-bye if he goes through difficulty.

In the movie, even though I agree that if he hadn’t confronted the difficult situations such as his wife leaving, he would and might not get desperate and motivated to catch his chance, the moment when his wife finally left him made me feel so bad. Sometimes in life, we all experiece very depressing events that seem never-ending. When I confront the darkest moment of life, I alwasy desperately wish that one person, not many, but a faithful one, is with me, flashing a light by talking and laughing as usual with me.

While talking to my bestie, I told him to promise that we must not break up when one goes through difficulty. We should trust and wait until difficulty is over. Also I told him to promise that he must not say good-bye because his situations don’t seem hopeful and he struggles with financial or physical problems.

Life is not always colorful and full of joy. Sometimes, it just takes off all the colors and drowns. We should keep reading books, watching movies, and thinking about all different situations and prepare for all.

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