Why I Want Money; Not Just Money, But a Huge Amount of Money

It’s Saturday tomorrow, so I watched a movie titled “The Pursuit of Happyness” which Will Smith starred in. It is actually one of my favorite movies, but I barely can watch it because it is really difficult for me to see the main character go through difficulty. However, I loved the moment when Chris Gardner actually caught the opportunity to join the internship though he didn’t even have any special background and was a high-school graduate, unlikely his competitors. Also I can watch the moment when Chris Gardner finally got a job at Dean Witter. It was pretty much overwhelming.

While watching the movie, as usual, I’ve thought about several things in life, such as only six months of hard work-very, very, highly concentrated, hard work- being required to seize chances and change life. However, at this time, I’ve more thought about why I want to get rich. Why do I want to be super rich, not just rich, but ultra-super-mighty rich?

I want to be a person who can give people chances and hope. At the movie, Chris Gardner had a hard time finding a place to sleep with his son. In fact, sometimes the basic elements for human rights are lacked to survive, which are a place to live, food to eat, and clothes to wear. I want to be rich as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet and become a person giving the second chance to people who are about to give up. In the movie, Chris Gardner was a person with strong will and firm determination that he could make all to the end, but in reality, it cannot apply to the majority of people.

Here is one of my dreaming plans:

1. To Buy as many places as I can

2. To Rent them for minimum fees

3. To Help them build their financial bases

I hope all around the world are treated fairly with fair opportunities.

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