Remember Happiness Is Always Near

Sometimes, pressure and uncertainty suffocate me and make me feel unfortunate. After struggling with life, I once more think having my own place to hide from all the difficulties is a blessing. While taking a shower, warm water relaxes all the muscles. I feel blessed that I can feel warm water thoroughly no matter how cold weather is. As I sneaking into the bed, my lovely two cats follow me and snuggle up to me. Their warm and soft fur let me feel loved. I am so grateful that my lovely cats love me with thier innocent hearts.

In the battle field, it is easy to forget what made me lively because I fully concentrate on survival. However, hiding in my own place, I can take a breath and think about the past, present, and future.

Even though it seems so difficult, with all the elements making me happy and my life valuable, I can go through all situations with hope. Therefore, remembering the elements of happiness and trying to feel them every day and night to recharge energy for tomorrow is the key for endurance.

Life is all about endurance. Those who endure to the end will win at the end.

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