Time to Say Good-Bye to My O.C.D.

blonde hair blur daylight environment


I am not a person who likes cleaning and makes all things straight. I am more like a person who likes to stay in a mess and believes artists should be able to stand in a mess for stronger creativity. However, when I make a determination on any problems, I feel like I must start all over again after deleting all the past events. It is the most difficult problem I struggle with. In my thirties, I want to get rid of O.C.D. for further steps in my life because I read the same pages over and over without making any process, being trapped in O.C.D.

In fact, I hid all my past posts on my Instagram so that I could feel like I start everything new on the clean, blank white paper. Deleting all the memories and creating brand new myself were the most difficult and impossible task I recently confront.

While watching a Book-Review video about becoming influencers on YouTube, I changed my mind and showed all the past posts on Instagram and decided not to get trapped in my O.C.D. Here I am, and I am ready to say good-bye to my O.C.D. which stopped me heading forward and forced me to be obsessed with the ridiculous idea of perfection. I never got perfect, and I will never ever get perfect. I am full of possibility as the way I am imperfect. I will dedicate my 2020 to challenges for the next stage of my life. Awesome!

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