Balance between Work and Rest

I took a rest for a whole day and I didn’t even read a book. I was lazy because I felt sick last night and took pills for headache, stomachache, and cold. In the morning, though I felt much better, I didn’t want to act lively. Therefore, I decide to take a rest for a day.

In fact, while laying on the sofa, not thinking gave me headache. I started working to get rid of headache.

Sometimes, I thought taking a rest was all I need; however, taking too much rest without any thoughts, running the movie marathon made me sick. No matter how tired I am, I should never lose the routine.

I shouod wake up in time, drink a cup of water as usual, read 10 pages, and write my thoughts on twitter, exercise to keep the shape, and so on. Also, I must not stay up too late watching unnecessary movies.

Okie, dokie!

Keep the routine no matter what!

Hooray 😀

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