The last day of February

It is the last day of February and it’s 29th, which comes in 4 years. I’ve been super busy working last two months, and since I couldn’t follow my daily routine, all became difficult and turned to a mess. Even my breath went irregular.

As Spring comes, I decide to put every element of life in right order. I need a space to cleat all up.

Daily Morning Routine

  1. Drinking a Cup of Water
  2. Quiet Time
  3. Writing a Morning Journal on WordPress
  4. Reading 10 Pages
  5. Kumon Chinese & Japanese
  6. Writing a Page
  7. Cleaning
  8. Exercising
  9. Watching MKYU and Taking Notes
  10. Jotting Down Thoughts on Twitter

Daily Evening Routine

  1. Check Cat’s Food and Water
  2. Clean Cat’s Litter Box
  3. Brushing My Lovely Cats
  4. Cleaning
  5. Taking a Shower
  6. Taking Multi-Vitamin, Omega-3, etc.
  7. Reading 10 Pages
  8. Reading the Bible
  9. Writing a Journal on Instagram


  • Reading 100 Books in 2020
  • Publishing 3 Books in 2020
  • Running 3 Institutes in 2020
  • Reading the Whole Bible in 2020
  • Practicing Pilates and Yoga
  • Running My Own Korean & English Blogs
  • Having Dinner with My Parents (once a month)


  • To Buy a Car for My Parents
  • To Buy My Own Place
  • To Buy a House for My Parents
  • To Donate $ 3 millions

I’d also like to run my own coaching business, but I totally feel that I must clear up the mess first. I believe putting all in order helps keep the motivation and high energy level.