Always Cleaning Is the First Act to Pursue My Dream

Last night, I barely slept because of the butterflies in my stoache flying uncontrollably that I woke up late compared to previous Saturday. I fell asleep after 4 in the morning that I didn’t want to get out of my bed. However, watching the YouTube about Urus let me start working and the first thing I did Today was cleaning my place.

As soon as I got busy and depressed by losing hope, I actually stopped taking care of my place. Trash was all over the place and dirty dishes became a tower. Starting and ending days in the deserted place made me more depressed and took the left hope away. Therefore, I turned on the YouTube to watch more about Urus and started doing the dishes, wiping the floor and taking all the trash away. I felt much more organized and my thought became clear.

Sometimes, it was difficult for me to trash things away, but after reading several self-help books, I tried to make some empty spaces for the other blessings in my life. After I completed the cleaning, I read a book and suddenly my dreams came into my heart to be real soon. I wrote the daily habit list and the dreams on my diary. All becomes clear and provides the new power and energy.

If you want to take action for a life-changing moment, I suggest cleaning your place first and setting up the habit list after writing your dream with an exact date that dreams come true. Never imagine your dreams without taking any action because it would put you in despair. However, dreaming with any small act would lead you to the next action that you could finally achieve all.

Furious Jealousy Is Worth More Than Cheap Pity

I started on my diet and some friends kept saying that it should be difficult to keep on a diet that I should give up or change my plan. I attempted to ignore the fake advice arising from the wrong jealousy. On the other side of my mind, jealousy is worth much more than cheap pity.

When I was young, I wanted everyone to love me that if anyone showed negative emotion toward me, I felt depressed and kept thinking about how I should be changed; however, after meeting a variety of people throughout the life, I realized that jealousy means I am doing something right with high possibility of success. Also I learned if some one feels pity for me, it is the worst situation I confront.

Being hated with jealousy is much better than being pitied.

Ignore What Others Jabber

On peaceful Saturday, I am spending my time reading a book about how the world would be changed after the coronavirus outbreak. It made me think alot about my past, present, and future.

I suddenly remember my high school debating class. In 2006, we had a hot issue related to the national official language because the world started to get connected with the globalization and the international communication skill became required for the further business. Therefore, in my high school debating class, we discussed whether making English as another Korean official language beside Korean should be required for global leaders. Even though students went either for or against, I stand neutral with faith in future technology for translation because past ten years, all had been dramatically changed with unexpected technology. However, the teacher and others thought I am crazy and didn’t take the issue seriously that later, he didn’t even want me to talk.

After fifteen years, we can use various translation program through our smart-phone, and the imagination became the reality.

I always talk about my dream and imagination about my future, but 99 percent of people treat them as a joke or some ignorance of me. When I was young, I felt so angry because I believed that they ignore me, but now I realize that they have not ignored me, just they have never thought about it and learned about it. They were just ignorant about how the world changes.

Therefore, I tried to avoid the conversation about my ideas and future with those who just think about only what they can see. The life would be different after ten years. I just need to ignore them jabbering, but focus on my future and imagination so that all could become real.

What do others jabber about you? Does it make you annoyed? Please just ignore the ignorant and follow the path that only you can see.

Responsibility Is Living until All Gets Cleared Up

On my way to work, I’ve been thinking about my current statue, and I am one hundred percent sure that it is not good at all. I have debts to clear up, family and cats to take care of and so on. Last year, I made a huge mistake which gave me uncontrollable debts with useless land. Spending the painful time struggling with money, I’ve learned a lesson related not only to money, but also to how to live.

Because of the pressure of the debts, it wasn’t easy to stay sane. Sometimes, I thought about what would happen if I made a bad decision on my life and whether it would end just ending the life. However, living under the pressure of debts is much easier than making any other wrong choices because I had a strong dream that I would be much happier if I went over all the difficulty, and responsibility is not just avoiding the situations, but going over the situations. No matter what, I should believe that there must be a bigger world and much more amazing place existed if I clear up all my messes.

Taking responsibility is not avoiding the problems and situations, but clearing up all the messes we’ve made throughout the life, and I believe while doing my job under the pressure, having a painful time, I would become mature and stronger to face the reality and accept the bigger blessings.

Which problem do you have to solve? Trust Yourself. All must pass and it will bring the blessing for you.

Exercise Every Morning to Change My Life

It’s been a week since I started to practice Tabata following YouTube Video in the morning. I haven’t worked out for over a year that it was really challenging for me to complete. After finishing it, my whole body soared and I barely moved my arms and legs. However, after a few days, I can totally feel that my condition went better and healthier. Plus, I practiced Tabata right after waking up and took a shower so that I could feel more fresh and freedom. All the activities let me stay away from laziness and led me to the motivation.

I always made an excuse that I am too tired to work out and busy to take a walk, but once I saw my belly get controllably fat and prevent me bending over, I realized that there’s no time to postpone. I must start right away. Also, my friend noticed that I got fatter and fatter and gave me advice how to lose weight. I started from 55.7 kg and currently it is 54.3 kg after a week. My plan was to lose 8 kg for 5 weeks by practicing Tabata daily.

If you want to change your life-style, I would strongly suggest practicing Tabata following YouTube. It is free and easy to keep on track with because it is really easy to reach, just turning on YouTube Channel. It doesn’ ask me any further payment or any other equipments, just my body and time. As my body gets energy from exercise, all becomes clear and it is much easier to get motivated. While practicing Tabata, I couldn’t give up because I feel as if I complete the whole routine and finally reach my goal, losing 8 kg for 5 weeks, I would challenge much bigger dream in my life.

Active Body Allows Me to Have a Motivated Day and Power to Move Forward to the Dream.

Recommended Tabata Video below! Let’s Do This!

Maximize Your Dream No Matter What Others Say

Last week, I went to the coffee shop in Garosu-Gil, one of the popular place in South Korea. While having a coffee time with my friend, I had a chance to see so many Ferrari pass by, and therefore I could not stop talking about it because one of my dream car is belonging to Ferrari, Portofino. However, those who heard about my dream, they always treated me as a naive person who didn’t know anything about cars and reality. At first, their reactions and thoughts upset me that I promise myself that I must buy one to show them how arrogant they are, but now I feel sorry that they only ignore others’ dreams and think small.

Whenever I think about my wish and prayer, I always pick the best thing I can earn because if I aim the greatest thing, I would make my best efforts and even if I couldn’t reach the final goal, I might still earn the better thing than the mediocre, normal, or just good one.

Sharing dreams always requires others’ jeers and jeolusy, which I should get used to, so that I can keep dreaming, trying my best, and achieving goals. Also, we sholud always keep in mind that people’s job is to make dreamers quit dreaming and working hard.

When I was in fifth grade, my class made a time-capsule at school and promised to meet after ten years. At that moment, I always believed that I would go to college in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, five hours by the train from my town, Busan where I was born and grown up. I asked my teacher about what if we go to college in Seoul, and then a boy who heard my question jeered at me and said that I should not worry about it because I would not go to college there. I pretended I didn’t care, but made a determination that I must go to show him who I am. The funny fact is that I really didn’t go to college in Seoul, but I went to college in the states, where had a much better education system than I thought of in my fifth grade.

No one knows what would happen in our lives and how our dreams come true. Therefore, we must practice ignoring others’ jeers and jeolusy and maximizing our dreams, no matter what others do because they are just doing their stupid job.

Always Save Time for Your Family

My mother worked as a public servant for last thirty years, and finally retired. Even though she waited for the moment she took a rest from the work, which was not her actual dream, she seemed a little empty that her part of life was gone.

Today, I am with my parents, drinking a cup of coffee together and eating some bread while talking, and think about the moment of being together with my family. When I was in the states for school, I had to get seperated and didn’t think of how precious it is spending time with a loving family.

I sometimes misunderstood that I grew myself, not getting much help from my parents. How arrogant it is. It is really easy to forget the imfortance of family that I only thought about myself, not my family. However, as I grew older and older and my parents grew weaker and weaker, I realize life is not a party, but a struggle, and my parents had been struggling to survive in the reality like a jungle and to take responsibility on their child, me.

Without family, who showed me how to treat the life, I could not come this far with the dream that everyone ignores and jeers at. I really appreciate my parents, letting me think about my future and keep dreaming for my ideal world.

Recently, my priority became spending time with my family and having a converstation with them. If I miss all, I must regret after they are gone.

Never Let the Regret Take Place in Your Life.

The most important task that you always remember is to take care of those who love you and you love.

Emotion Is What We Choose

Yesterday, I talked with my best friend, who felt depressed after the break-up. While having a conversation with her, I felt a little frustrated because she gave me a thought that she enjoys the feeling of being depressed and chose the negative emotion. Even though sometimes we instinctly choose negative emotions at the moment to think about our lives and how to live, we should be aware of our emotion so that we would not waste our times thinking too much about unnecessary elements.

In my previous year, I believed that emotion is not a thing that I can control over. It always overwhelmed me and my days. With great depression, massive, negative thoughts actually ate my precious youth. After several years of emotional practices with a psychiatrist and so many self-help books, I’ve learned that emotion is what I choose and how I think, not a thing coming uncontrollably.

Getting used to choose positive emotion and thought over negative ones, I regretted having meaningless moment because of various reasons, though during the depressing period, I could think profoundly about my life and how to survive in this world. If I have a chance to go back to my twenties, I must practice not being overwhelmed with negative thought and emotion, since life is too short to enjoy only positive thought and emotion.

Trust me. You can pick how to feel. The world is much bigger than what you see and always there to give amazing moment and chance that you always wait for. But before all, we should practice filling our brain and heart with positive images of life.

Life-Changinng Moment Always Comes in the Morning

As soon as the busiest moment of the year was gone, I slept early last night, which allowed me to wake up actually in the morning. Last month, I had to go to bed late because of a huge amount of work, waiting to be completed, that I woke up late morning, like 10 to 11 a.m. Waking up late actually made me feel more tired and lazy. Even though I didn’t mean to sleep early last night, I fell asleep as soon as I went into bed. In the morning, I felt lazy and was overwhelmed with the strong desire of staying in the bed, but my thought was crystal clear that I had to get out of the bed.

After waking up in the morning, I read the Bible and the book, written by Tim Ferriss. I wrote a morning journal so that I could write down all my thoughts and worries. It was a great moment of my day.

Totally Amazing!

Nothing happens in my life though I woke up early and completed several tasks to start a day, but I knew my life has been changed with the amazing morning routine. If I continue the morning activities, something miraculous happens as I experienced two years ago. (Two years ago, I always woke up at 4 in the morning, read the Bible and wrote the journal with my determination and prayers, and exercised with a cup of tea, and I could catch an opportunity to change my life, getting out of the small studio, working as a director, not an instructor, and buying a car.)

I’ve decided to keep the routine for another miraculous moment of life. Whenever I read the self-help books, all says the same fact, they wake up before 6 in the morning, have a quiet time, read a book, write a journal, and exercise. All difference comes from an atomic habit, and my smallest change should be started from starting an atomic habit.

Win Today to Succeed Tomorrow

Confessing my worst mistake in my life, I neglected the moment I currently live. I’d always looked forward to success, focusing on the future, not the present. After a long time of training, I realized that winning everyday would lead me to the victory of my life.

Telling the truth of my failure, I kept imaging the moment of success, but not working that hard to reach my dream. I started working on it, but never achieved it because I always quit with every excuse. Every moment I’d concentrated on my dream and future, I easily ignored the current problems and required actions.

Now, I knew reaching my dreams requires the daily routine leading me to the goal. If I don’t win over my laziness and mediocre habits, I would never achieve what I want. Thought and imagination surely take me to the action, but not to the goals. Thought and imagination makes me work, and it must take time to combine thought and action together, which makes me feel driving through the darkest tunnel of life. After the tunnel, I would see the clear picture of my dream and all I want would fall into my life as an avalanche.

When riches begin to come they come so quickly, in such great abundance, that one wonders where they have been hiding during all those lean years.

Napoleon Hill’s Bestselling Books, “Think and Grow Rich”

From now on, I promise myself to win everyday. I set the daily plan and must complete all so that I could go further the next day. Here is my check-list for the miraculous day:

  • Wake up at 5
  • Take Omega-3 and Multi-Vitamin
  • Read the Bible (more than 5 chapters)
  • Blog-post on “”
  • Yoga for 30 minutes
  • Read a book for 30 minutes
  • Write for 2 hours
  • Sleep at 10

Let’s Win Everyday, and Suceed Tomorrow!